I'm Lili Hiccup. I write.
Patience was silent

while anger kept watch.

Serenity wasn’t helping anyone

and love stood unnoticed.

Here I sit. Or hang. Although hang kinda gives the wrong picture. I’m not hanging by my neck. More like my foot. But maybe if you saw me you wouldn’t exactly call it a foot.

In any event I don’t even have a neck. Or a foot.

I’ve been here a good while, although I’ve heard of others who’ve been in their place for decades, centuries even. I hope one day to be able to say that. Can you imagine? Proud and strong in a place so beautiful, a symbol of the strength of nature, defying all odds and staying put far longer than everyone and everything else. Someday, but for know I’ve been here two years. In this exact spot, I love it here. I love everyone else here. There’s the one on top, the one to my side, the one below me, the one to my other side. They’re beautiful, proud and joyful. There’s others too, who are on the other side. I’ve never even met them. But I bet they’re beautiful too.

Then there are the beauties on us. Tiny, fragile, beautiful. Sparkling, they adorn us. Decorating us as they live their lives fully and one day, one bittersweet day, they finish their course and wither and fly. Away from here, sometimes not far, sometimes across the world.

I believe in finding beauty in things.

RRR - Roger Raymond Robert

I suppose I should introduce myself. Hello I myself am Mr. Roger Raymond Robert. I am 19 years old and currently reside in the city of New York. I am employed as the assistant to the assistant to an editor at a publishing house known as Eventful Conclusions. 

Recently life has taken a new turn for me. 

While walking back to my dwellings last night I heard a noise behind me. Actually, it wasn’t the noise itself that caught my attention. It was the fact that I’d been hearing it since I’d left the office. I tried to ignore it but when you realize that a car has been following you for the 15 minutes it takes to walk home you have to face the possibility that you are indeed being followed. Never having been followed in my life I wasn’t sure what the best course of action was but I settled on turning around and squealing while a bag was thrown over my head. 

I was promptly deposited in the black bug that had been tailing me. Odd, I thought, what kind of kidnappers do their work of napping in a Volkswagen Beetle? Although I must now admit that perhaps that should not have been my primary concern. I should have been more interested in the fact that I was being taken against my will but there isn’t really anything I can do about that now. 

Something New

The neighbors had a baby. That I know.

Alright fine, I don’t know exactly what a ‘baby’ is. That’s just what mum and pop said. I am however, trying to figure out what a baby might be. My first guess was that it was a disease. I started thinking about what terrible kinds of things this new baby disease could do to a person. But then I thought, if the neighbors contracted this disease, mum and pop wouldn’t say they ‘had a baby’ would they? No, they’d say ‘the neighbors have been diagnosed with…baby’. So disease is out. How about an appliance or a car or something?

Oh, sorry. Mum is calling me. It seems that we’re to go visit the neighbors, by the way they’re called the Robins. Hmm, is it really safe to go there if they have a baby? Whatever that is.